Baltimore Now.

Because it’s now or never.


Baltimore is ground zero in the fight for a livable, multi-racial, and middle class future — the kind of future Donald Trump is trying to destroy.

But right now we’re losing that fight, and it has nothing to do with who’s president. Our police department is in a tailspin. Residents are leaving. And our political establishment has no idea what to do.

The answer to our problems isn’t a candidate, it’s a coalition. A coalition that demands a new kind of leadership. A coalition that’s ready to drastically expand what is considered possible in our city. A coalition that doesn’t care where you went to high school.  

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Why Now?

On April 27, 2015, everything changed. We still don’t agree on what to call it. For some it was a riot. For others, it’s “the unrest.” And for others, it is called an uprising. But whatever we call it, one thing is certain — it destroyed the politics as usual in Baltimore City.  

Before that day, many thought they understood our challenges, and thought they were under control. Plenty of others, sadly, simply paid these challenges no mind. But many Baltimoreans were left to confront them, and try to overcome them, day in and day out. On that day in April, all of those challenges, and the frustrations of all those left to deal with them, burst to the surface. And we’re still arguing about what should come next.

What was destroyed in 2015 must be replaced. Now. A new coalition – durable and multiracial — must replace a splintered city. A new consensus, with a new narrative and a new agenda, must weave a fragmented city back together. And a new leadership must emerge, not cast from the status quo mold, to fill the void that we witnessed in 2015 and that remains unfilled. 

Baltimore Now will dream big, take risks, and speak the truth. And we won’t accept money from corporations or developer LLCs.